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Capsule Split Bulma | Enamel Pin

Image of Capsule Split Bulma | Enamel Pin
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3.9 inch Soft Enamel Pin + Epoxy

Limited edition:
Capsule Split Bulma: Pink Dress
LE85 v1 OG
LE50 v2 Ano Glitter
LE25 v3 [pre-sale Mystery Variant]

Dollfille Shop Exclusives:
Capsule Split Bulma: Nude
LE35 v1 OG
LE25 v2 Ano Glitter
LE15 v3 [pre-sale Mystery Variant]

FYI this pin is one piece not two. The capsule and character inside the capsule are made together with one 3+ inch mold. I hope this helps with any confusion!

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[All designs marked as pre-order have to go through multiple phases of production. Please allow up to 3-6 weeks once production begins. To create the best enamel pins possible this sometimes requires revisions and always requires quality checks. If there are any major flaws the pins will either be repaired or completely replaced during the production process. This can create delays so thank you for being patient and understanding that this is independently created art!]