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Mecha Slap Pack #1

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Mecha Slap Pack #1 available with the Nu & Sazabi pin drop on August 28 @ 12pm CST

My first curated slap pack including Nu bust & RX-78 (4 inch) plus EVA Unit 01 & 02 (3.5 inch). Two of these are holographic stickers and two are glossy vinyl. They will all come together in a special package custom made with Cheshire Cat Art for this release. -- FYI, I give away a lot of stickers in my orders as gifts but these holo stickers and this packaging are made especially to pair with the release of the Nu Gundam pin and will be reserved for this pack.

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Artwork by D. Kraft

[All designs marked as pre-order have to go through multiple phases of production. Please allow up to 3-6 weeks once production begins. To create the best enamel pins possible this sometimes requires revisions and always requires quality checks. If there are any major flaws the pins will either be repaired or completely replaced. This can create delays so thank you for being patient and understanding that this is independently created art!]